#Access scopes

This feature is available on all SaaS environments and only since v6 for other types of environments.

Part of the app authorization process requires specifying which parts of Akeneo PIM data the App needs to access. An App can request any of the access scopes listed below.

Akeneo PIM may not grant all requested scopes.
This is up to your App to check which scopes were granted when you receive an Access Token.
For example, the Community edition will not be able to grant you scopes related to the Asset Manager because it's a feature only available in the Enterprise edition.

#Available authorization scopes

Scope Grants access to
read_products Read products
write_products Write products
delete_products Remove products
read_catalog_structure Read attributes, attribute groups, families and family variants
write_catalog_structure Write attributes, attribute groups, families and family variants
read_attribute_options Read attribute options
write_attribute_options Write attribute options
read_categories Read categories
write_categories Write categories
read_channel_localization Read locales and currencies
read_channel_settings Read channels
write_channel_settings Write channels
read_association_types Read association types
write_association_types Write association types
read_asset_families EE Read asset families
write_asset_families EE Write assets families
read_assets EE Read assets
write_assets EE Write assets
delete_assets EE Remove assets
read_reference_entities EE Read reference entities
write_reference_entities EE Write reference entities
read_reference_entity_records EE Read reference entity records
write_reference_entity_records EE Write reference entity records

#Available authentication scopes

Scope Grants access to
openid Read user id
profile Read user first name and last name (from PIM user profile)
email Read user email (from PIM user profile)