#How to have a public URL for your App during its development?

This feature is available on all SaaS environments and only since v6 for other types of environments.

One of the issues that might arise during your app development is that you need a PIM instance to communicate with your local App that is still in development. You can create a test App in your PIM instance however PIM will require you to provide valid URLs to your App.

This can be easily resolved with a tunnel to your localhost

#Exposing localhost with

There are several ways to create a tunnel to your localhost such as or ngrok. We will use for its free and easy setup.

#Step 1 Initiate localhost tunnel

Initiate localhost tunnel using the following command:

    ssh -R 80:localhost:8080

You can specify any port you want.

The command above assumes that your local App is available on port 8080

#Step 2 Extract URL from the output

If everything goes well the command will output your public URL for your local app:

** your connection id is 910cf378-6db9-470d-9533-c7373528ba6e, please mention it if you send me a message about an issue. ** tunneled with tls termination,

Your local app is now available at . You may now use it for your development.