#How to test your App?

This feature is only available for our partners using an Akeneo sandbox environment.

This page explains how to enable the developer mode on your partner sandbox and how to create a test App to check that everything works well.

#Step 1 - Enable the developer mode and the test App creation

To enable the developer mode and the Create a test App button, you need to:

  1. Go to System, then Roles
  2. Choose the role you use for your user
  3. In the Permissions tab, scroll down and search for the Developer mode submenu
  4. Select Manage test apps
  5. Don't forget to save your modifications

Role permissions - developer mode

#Step 2 - Create a test App

Create a test app button

To create a test App:

  1. Go to Connect, then App Store
  2. On the top right corner, click on Create a test App
  3. Fill in all the required information
  4. Then click on Create
  5. Copy/paste credentials in your app configuration file
  6. And click on Done
  7. Your test App appears on the App Store page

Test app creation

#Step 3 - Connect your test App

Test app on the App Store

Connecting a test App is like connecting a published App.

  1. Click on Connect
  2. Your App opens in a new tab of your browser
  3. Launch the connection process from your App
  4. Follow all the activation process steps, then Confirm
  5. Your test App is now connected with Akeneo PIM! 🔗

To know more about the step-by-step activation process, please read our article: How to connect an App?

#Step 4 - Access the connected App settings on Akeneo PIM

Now that your App is connected, you can enjoy all the available App features from the Akeneo PIM UI and test that your App works well.

To access the settings of your connected App on Akeneo PIM, please go to Connected Apps, then click on Manage App. You can also open your App from Akeneo PIM UI, to do so, click on Open app.

Connected test app on Apps

To know more about connected app management, please read our article: Manage your Apps