#What's an App?

This feature is available on all SaaS environments and only since v6 for other types of environments.

Before you start developing an App, it's essential to understand what Apps can do and how they interact with the PIM.

An App is a service that can be easily connected to a PIM, directly from the PIM, with a streamlined process of activation and configuration.

An App can extend Akeneo PIM functionalities through the REST API, like a connector, by retrieving or updating data and integrating it with external services.

An App must have a single activation URL, be hosted by its creator, and use OAuth 2.0 to ask for API access.

For more information on Apps usage, please read our help center articles How to connect Akeneo PIM with third parties and Manage your Apps.

Still not sure about developing an App? Read our page Why should you choose Apps?