The complete guide to connect Akeneo PIM to your eCommerce solution

#Who is your connector for?


You will find below user archetypes we use to help you guide your decisions about product features, interactions, and even visual design of your connector. By designing for the archetype — whose goals and behavior patterns are well understood — you can satisfy the broader group of people represented by that archetype.


#Personas' needs

You will find below the main needs, associated to each user profile, in terms of process, documentation, actions related to your future eCommerce connector.

#Julia's needs

Julia needs an easy way to export her PIM data into her eCommerce solution.

So she needs:

  • An easy to follow process to import automatically her PIM data into the eCommerce solution.

  • An easy to follow strategy to define the periodicity of these automatic imports.

  • A friendly Connector UI to trigger manually the connector if needed (full or partial imports)

  • A friendly UI to log all automatic and manual import processes and a notification system to be alerted when something goes wrong.

#Peter and/or Filips' needs

Peter and/or Filips needs a easy way to install, configure and maintain your connector.

So they need:

  • An easy to follow download/installation process: to retrieve and install your connector. It depends on your business model. If you require your client to install the connector themself, make sure you provide appropriate documentation.

  • A full documentation about the limits of the connector in terms of scalability and performance.

  • An easy to follow configuration process to set up the connection between the Akeneo PIM and your eCommerce solution as well as parameters to configure the connector. It requires documentation to explain the methodology on how to configure your connector compared to your business needs.

  • A friendly import process to perform the first import of the PIM data into your eCommerce solution. Due to the volume of data to be imported, this may require special support from your end.

  • A connector UI or a configuration file to set up the connector (PIM connection, mapping settings, flexible filtering capabilities, …)

  • An access to the connector logs to have all detailed technical information to investigate errors.

  • A documentation or a process to know how to customize your connector compared to Julia's project (if needed). We know that each client project is specific and most of the time there will be a need to adapt your connector to particular contexts.