#Create an app record

#Add a new app

Required role: Partner administrator, Partner developer

  1. From Dashboard, click the Create a new App button above the App analytics. The My Apps section is blank until you create your first app record.
  2. From the App creation page, select your App type and fill in your App name. You must agree with the Akeneo App Store Terms & Conditions to create an app.
  3. Click Create.

When you select the App type, the portal displays a pop-up with a Display app credentials button. Click on it and save these credentials! You won’t be able to recover it later. However, you’ll be able to regenerate your app credentials in case you need it.

You can easily copy your Client ID and Secret using the copy buttons on the right of each field.

Click Close. Your app is created.

Once you click on Close, you access all available fields. Either you process and fill in the form or you can go back to Dashboard or any other section without adding more information.

#Set your Company name on the Akeneo App Store

Required role: Partner administrator

Your company name appears under your app's name on your app's App Store product page. By default, your legal name is used.

You can set your company name at any time.

  1. From My company, Company profile section, update your Company name.
  2. Click Save.

#Delete an app

Required role: Partner Administrator, Partner developer

You can only delete apps with the status Draft or Rejected.

If you want to delete an app with the status In review, Submitted, or Approved, please get in touch with Akeneo so they can first reject your app.

To delete an app from your Dashboard in My Apps:

  1. Click Delete
  2. Click Delete a second time to validate your action.