#App Publication Security

Because your app will either pull data from Akeneo to external services or push data to enrich the Akeneo PIM, your app must be compliant with Akeneo security policies. Each app which will be submitted will be reviewed according to the security requirements described below.

#Security Requirements

#OAuth2 PIM Access Scope

The scopes requested by your app during the authentication process MUST follow the least privilege principle and thus solely be the ones your app needs to function. You can find all the scopes available here to determine which ones suit your business needs.

#Secrets management

During the creation of your app, you will be provided a set of credentials (an access token and a set containing your client_id and your client_secret) to access the PIM and perform the operations mentioned above. Those credentials MUST be stored securely and you must take all necessary steps to ensure that no third party can retrieve that information.

We strongly recommend that you use a dedicated secrets management system which enables you to store, rotate and monitor access to the secrets securely. Please follow the OWASP Top Ten secret management best practices for reference.

#Code-related vulnerabilities

The app owner MUST ensure that the app code does not contain any vulnerabilities, in particular (but not limited to) vulnerabilities that could lead to product data corruption. The OWASP Top ten and its cheat sheet series cover most, if not all, security risks that you will need to mitigate during the development of your app. Any vulnerability that is discovered MUST be patched in a timely manner.

#Third-Party Dependencies

Your app third-party dependencies & external library versions MUST be supported and cannot be vulnerable to any CVEs. Any vulnerability that is discovered MUST be patched in a timely manner whenever a fix is available. We encourage you to use a Source Composition Analyzer to detect if your code base contains any vulnerable dependencies.


If you are using docker images, you MUST follow industry best practices in terms of security hardening to mitigate security risks. For a more in-depth analysis, the CIS benchmarks are widely used to ensure compliance with well-known best practices. You can use tools based on these rules to detect potential vulnerabilities.

#Fair Use

Your app MUST comply with Akeneo PIM API fair use.