#Manage your app's availability

#Overview of publishing your app

This is the general workflow for publishing an app to the Akeneo App Store.

#Step 1: Fill in your app information

To view and edit app information, click on the Edit button in the Dashboard section called My Apps. Some information is required before you save or submit your app for review.

#Step 2: Submit your app for review

You submit your app for review to start the App Review process and to make your app available on the Akeneo App Store. Once you have filled in all your app information, click Submit.

#Step 3: View your app status and resolve review issues

After you submit your app, the app status changes to Submitted. If there are any issues with your app, read and reply to App Review communications. After your app is approved, it can take up to 24 hours to go live on the App Store.

We recommend clicking Mark all as read in the Activity panel after submitting your app so it’s easy to see if the Akeneo team comments on your app submission or asks you questions.

#Read and reply to App Review communications

If an Akeneo administrator rejects your app, you can communicate with Akeneo and resolve issues in the Activity section.

You’ll receive a message that contains information about the rejection, including how the app or item is out of compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

Required role: Partner administrator, Partner developer

#Reply to messages in the Activity section

  1. From Activity, go to the rejection comment "Damn! Akeneo admin rejected your app”.
  2. Click Comment.
  3. Enter text in the Comment field.
  4. Click on the envelope icon to send your comment.

We recommend clicking Mark all as read after commenting, so it’s easy to see if the Akeneo team replies to your comment.

#Remove your app from the Akeneo App Store

Once your app is published on the Akeneo App Store, only an Akeneo administrator can remove your app from the App Store. Please, contact us if you want to remove your app from our App Store.