#App developer tools

#Akeneo Demo App

The Akeneo team created the Akeneo Demo App to show you how Akeneo apps work. It provides you an example of app you can use to understand how to implement Akeneo app features.

Github repository: akeneo/demo-app

Stay tuned! We update the Akeneo Demo App with all our new features.

#Akeneo PHP API client

The PHP client facilitates the usage of the REST API in your PHP projects when building extensions and/or tools for your favorite PIM. You will find all information about it in the PHP API client section of our Documentation.

Github repository: akeneo/api-php-client

If you just want to discuss about it, join the community in the #web-api channel in our Slack user group community.

#Akeneo Postman collection

In the Akeneo PIM API collection, you will find all our endpoints and filters with examples.
Download it to test, experiment, and demo the Akeneo REST API.

You don't know how to import a collection into your Postman?
Checkout this documentation: Importing data into Postman