The REST API basics

#4 reasons why you should use our REST API 😊

Sounds a lot like a clickbait title, right?

But, yes. Did you know that, at Akeneo, we recommend the use of our API to achieve with success the PIM connection to its IT environment?

In fact, the API is the best way to connect your PIM to third-parties.

Wondering why? Here are the reasons!

#Stable REST API = long-lasting tools

Today, when you write an App/tool, some of you are used to dig deeply into the PIM open source code. So you end up writing code that is really tied to ours. It always lead to painful migrations, especially when things heavily changed in our codebase, like it is the case for each new PIM version.

But we really want you to keep writing amazing Apps and tools. So we had to do something to help you.

And here comes the REST API!

Thanks to the REST API, you will be able to build long-lasting Apps. We guarantee that our REST API will stay stable as much as possible.

In the end, we hope that these amazing Apps you are going to build on top of our REST API, will be easier to implement, easier to integrate, easier to maintain and above all, that you will not suffer from painful migrations again.

Usually, between PIM versions, there are no BC breaks in our REST API. But in some cases, for example, when we entirely revamp whole features in a new PIM version, we have no choice but to deprecate things in the REST API. Rest reassured that this kind of situation remains exceptional. When it happens, we try to warn you, our dear ecosystem 🥰, the sooner we can. So that you can take the time to integrate the changes.
Also, if you're dealing with REST API breaks that weren't announced and not documented on this website, don't hesitate to reach out to us. It's probably a regression that we can fix asap, if you are an Entreprise customer. 😉

#More performance = better tools

Starting the v3 version of the PIM, we worked a lot on improving the performance of our PIM, including our REST API.

As an example, starting from the v4, the REST API is 3 times faster than the traditionnal exports of flat files. Also regarding, the imports of products, if you want to gain speed, with the REST API you can easily parallelize your requests.

Today, the REST API is officially the most performant way to connect the PIM.

#More languages = innovating tools

With the REST API, you will also be able to write tools in another language than PHP. So pick your favorite technology and do not hesitate, write your tools with it.

As the REST API is a standard REST API, you can use the language you want to implement Apps or even external applications based on the PIM data.

Be innovative! Offer value to our common end-users! They will love it.

#The only way for SaaS users

For our SaaS users, the REST API is the only way to connect their PIM.

Indeed, in this case, as the PIM is provided to you as a service, you cannot customize any part of its code. The REST API is your only way out when it comes to integrating it into your IT infrastructure.