#Get started in the App Portal

Welcome to our App Store Admin Portal, a comprehensive platform empowering you to seamlessly manage, submit, and optimize your App extensions with ease.

Ask us to send you an App Portal access via apps@akeneo.com when you're ready to start or submit your extension.

#App Portal dashboard

The home page provides access to all sections of the App Portal. Within each section, you have access only to the functionality that’s related to your user role.

You can return to the App Portal homepage at any time by clicking Dashboard at the top of any page.


  • Dashboard: get an overview of your app's analytics (views and activations) and manage your app list.
  • Activations: view the number of times your app has been activated
  • My company: manage your company profile and members
  • Dev resources: redirects you to this website
  • Technical blog: redirects you to our technical blog on Medium: Akeneo Labs

#App Portal workflow

Use the App Portal to submit apps to the App Store, manage your apps and view analytics.

#Step 1: Create your account

You should receive an email from the platform when an Akeneo administrator invites you to the platform. Click on the Accept Invitation link in this email. Enter your firstname, lastname and email, then click on Create Account.

#Step 2: Add members and assign roles

To delegate responsibilities to others, visit the My Company section and invite members by entering their names and email addresses. They can then perform tasks based on the role you assign them. Learn about roles.

#Step 3: Add your app

In the Dashboard section, create an app record so your app’s information, such as name, description, and visuals, is ready for the App Store. You don’t need to finish developing your app before entering its information in the App Portal.

#Step 4: Test and submit your app

When your app is ready for the App Store, check your app information, validate your app URLs, and submit it to App Store Review. You can continue improving your app by creating new versions periodically. Use our custom apps feature to test your app on an Akeneo PIM.

#Step 5: Monitor your app's status and usage

You can monitor the status of your app as it goes through App Store Review. Once it’s live on the App Store, you can gain insights into your apps’ performance through the Dashboard and Activations sections.