The Events API basics


#How to check the request signature?

Akeneo PIM uses the secret to create a hash signature of the API event.

The signature is forwarded through the request header X-Akeneo-Request-Signature, and allows you to verify that the API event request was sent by the PIM and not by a malicious third-party.

You can verify the signature by following these steps:

  1. Get the original signature and timestamp from the request headers: X-Akeneo-Request-Signature and X-Akeneo-Request-Timestamp.
  2. Prepare the event payload by concatenating the timestamp and the request body with a dot ..
  3. Generate a hash signature (HMAC SHA256) of the event payload with the help of the secret.
  4. Compare the original and generated signature.

Example of signature validation with PHP

    $secret = "3ha6eonoa9icsckw8kccos084w0c0000g08g40oo4kww0gc8w4";
    // X-Akeneo-Request-Signature
    $originalSignature =
    // X-Akeneo-Request-Timestamp
    $timestamp = "1602565368";
    // The whole request body.
    $requestBody = '{"events":[{"action": "product.created", ...}]}';
    // Prepare the event payload.
    $signedPayload = $timestamp . "." . $requestBody;
    // Generate a hash signature.
    $generatedSignature = hash_hmac("sha256", $signedPayload, $secret);
    // Compare the original and generated signature.
    if (false === hash_equals($originalSignature, $generatedSignature)) {
      throw new \Exception("Invalid signature");

You are encouraged to use a string comparison function that is safe to timing attack, like hash_equals in PHP.

You can also use the X-Akeneo-Request-Timestamp to validate that the event request is not too old.

#Constraints on IP addresses

For security reasons, we block private IP and IP in the ranges that are marked as Reserved-By-Protocol in RFC 6890 as event API target.

These ranges are the following ones:

  • private IPv4 ranges:, and
  • IPv6 addresses starting with FD or FC
  • reserved IPv4 ranges:,, and
  • reserved IPv6 ranges: ::1/128, ::/128, ::ffff:0:0/96 and fe80::/10