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Product [identifier]

This API provides two endpoints for interacting with products:

  • Product (UUID): We strongly recommend using this endpoint for its reliability and flexibility. UUIDs, or Universally Unique Identifiers, are guaranteed to be unique and never change, even if other product identifiers like SKUs are modified. This ensures consistent product identification regardless of future changes. Additionally, UUIDs allow interaction with products that lack a traditional identifier.
  • Product (Identifier): This endpoint is useful when you already have a product identifier within your systems. This identifier, which could be a SKU or internal code, can be used to directly interact with the corresponding product in our API. This simplifies integration for workflows that rely on existing product identification methods.

Product model

Product media file

Published products

Published product

Important update: Published Products discontinuation. This feature is no longer actively supported and will soon be retired. We recommend exploring alternative solutions. Learn more in the help center.

Catalog structure


Family variant


Attribute option

Attribute group

Association type


Target market settings




Measure family

PAM - Deprecated

With the introduction of our new way to handle assets, the Asset Manager, the PAM feature will be removed from the v4.0 of the PIM. As a result, from now on, all the endpoints regarding the PAM assets are deprecated. They will not be available anymore starting from the v4.0.
To understand why, we recommend you to read this Medium post, we wrote on this special occasion.
Also, don't hesitate to take a look at the Asset Manager documentation to discover this new feature and how much more efficient it will be to handle your precious assets.

PAM asset - Deprecated

PAM asset reference file - Deprecated

PAM asset variation file - Deprecated

PAM asset category - Deprecated

PAM asset tag - Deprecated