Synchronize PIM products with your App

Compatible versions: v6 / v7 / SaaS

#Synchronize PIM structure

This guide is being deprecated and will soon be unpublished. Please go to the newest guide here.

#What do we synchronize?

relationship schema

#Synchronization steps

synchronisation steps

To begin with your synchronization, you should collect base information about your PIM structure.

As it is the common rule for e-commerce, we assume that you want to synchronize only one channel with your_channel_code as channel code.

The good news: everything is wrapped into the channel endpoint API.

GET /api/rest/v1/channels/your_channel_code

      "code": "ecommerce",
      "currencies": [
      "locales": [
      "category_tree": "master",
      "conversion_units": {
        "weight": "KILOGRAM"
      "labels": {
        "en_US": "Ecommerce",
        "de_DE": "Ecommerce",
        "fr_FR": "Ecommerce"

Store locales and category_tree. If you need to know the currencies used by this channel, store currencies.

We strongly advise you to filter your locale list before stocking it. Here is a good adage for now and for the rest of this synchronization guide: early filter saves time later.

The first step is now finished 🎉 Piece of cake, isn’t it? Don’t worry, it will be more challenging soon.