The complete guide to connect Akeneo PIM to your eCommerce solution

#Define the scope of your first version

#Which version / edition of the PIM should my App be “compatible” with?

As mentioned before, there are several editions and several supported version of Akeneo PIM.

Of course, the choice of the PIM version/edition depends on your business but we strongly encourage you to develop an App that is fully compatible with our latest SaaS editions.

Please, start here to connect the PIM with the REST API!

#Which eCommerce solution versions should my App be compatible with?

It depends on your eCommerce solution and your business strategy.

You have to choose these versions according to:

  • The number of potential users owning this version.
  • The lifetime of this version. It is useless to specifically develop a version compatible with a version of your eCommerce solution if this one won't exist anymore in a couple of months.

#Follow the guide to build an App!

We have a "complete guide" to understand how to build an App.

#What are Akeneo's recommendations to build the first iteration of an eCommerce App release?

Our recommendation: always listen to your customer's needs first!

We are aware that it is difficult and expensive in terms of investment to achieve a 100% complete eCommerce App that is flexible enough to adapt to any customer project.

Furthermore, to build such a complex App as an eCommerce App in a single iteration would undoubtedly be too complex to specify.

Our advice: adopt an Agile approach!

  • Interview your future potential customers about their needs
  • Set priorities based on the most generic needs
  • Develop in successive iterations