The complete guide to connect your ERP solution to Akeneo PIM

#Understand Akeneo PIM

To become an Akeneo PIM master, we have many different tools to help you!

#Versions and editions

First, it is crucial for you to understand that Akeneo PIM comes in all shapes and sizes, depending on its version and edition.

To know more about the different PIM versions, don't hesitate to consult our blog on our PIM release cycle.

You can also consult our release notes and our "new key features released" page to understand what our latest Akeneo supported versions and their brand new features are.

Then, in order to understand our different editions and their capabilities, you can consult our compare editions page on our website.

#PIM features and data structure

Let's play with Akeneo PIM!

It is crucial to understand the PIM features and data model in order to create a great ERP/PIM App.

The best way to become an expert at Akeneo PIM is to play with it!
You can access our Akeneo PIM Community Edition demo platform (login/password: admin / admin).

Please note that this Akeneo PIM CE demo instance is for exploratory purposes only and will only allow you to start getting familiar with Akeneo PIM. This instance is reset frequently and is therefore not intended to be used to build an App.

If you need an Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition SaaS edition sandbox to start developing your App, please contact us.


First of all, we advise you to take a look at our Helpcenter documentation about all our features and how to use them.

Then, if you feel like you need more, we designed a comprehensive training program to share everything we know about Akeneo PIM. As you can see, we also got you covered via our training sessions. Don't hesitate to register!

And before you actually start coding to develop your App, here is a selection of PIM concepts you'll need to master: