The complete guide to connect your ERP solution to Akeneo PIM

#How to build your App?

Now that you have a good overview of your App data flows and Akeneo PIM data and features, you are probably wondering how to build your App. Here are some of our recommendations!

#Follow the guide!

We have a "complete guide" to understand how to build an App.

#Use our API

Why? Please don't hesitate to read our "4 reasons why you should use our API" page.

All you need to know to interact with our PIM through our API can be found in our dedicated tutorial.

#Step by step

Our recommendation: always listen to your customer's needs first.

We are aware that it is quite difficult to develop a 100% complete App that fits all your customer's needs immediately.

Once you are comfortable with your customer's needs, our recommendation is to follow the steps we describe and to iterate in order not to miss any important feature. Building an ERP App is a complex task that requires a dedicated focus every step of the way.

To conclude: adopt an Agile approach

  • Interview Julia and the ERP team to learn about their needs
  • Set priorities with them
  • Develop in successive iterations