A high-level guide to connecting Akeneo PIM to your print solution

#Who is your App intended for?

Because we want to give our PIM users the best experience to connect Akeneo PIM with third-parties by providing them easy-to-connect, configurable & interactive Apps on our App Store, you need to understand who is Julia and her needs.

#Understand Julia

Julia is the persona we use to help you guide your decisions about product features, interactions, and even visual design of your App.

Julia, PIM user, is also the end-user of your App, she has no technical skills, she wants to spend more time building versus operating her business. She is looking for a faster, more effective way to manage her marketing projects.

#Julia's needs

Let's already address 2 different Julia needs:

  1. The need to create a complete print catalog from PIM information.
  2. The ability to create a PDF, a product brochure, a paper label or flyers on demand from one or more PIM products.

So she needs:

  • An easy to follow process to define what PIM data will be managed by your Print solution.

  • A friendly App UI to select and import PIM data into your Print solution.

  • A complete documentation on how to use your App.

  • A complete and easy-to-read online documentation to understand all the features of your App and how to use it.

  • A support contract to ask for assistance and get quick support from you.