Quick start my first webhook

Compatible versions: v5 / SaaS

#Step 1 | Receive my first set of data

Here, you will connect an event subscription to a fake endpoint and receive your first data. 🚀

#Create a Bin on Mockbin

Mockbin allows you to generate custom endpoints to test, mock, and track HTTP requests & responses between libraries, sockets and APIs. Go to mockbin.org/bin/create to create your Bin and if needed change the configuration to respond with a 200 status.

Create Bin on Mockbin

Then click on Create Bin and go to the history of your Bin. Alright! Mockbin is ready to receive our first piece of data from PIM webhooks.

#Send data to Mockbin

Now, log into your 5.0 or SaaS Akeneo PIM then go to the Event subscriptions page of the connection you created before. Fill in the URL field with the URL of your bin and click on Test. To access your connection settings, click on Connect, then on Connection settings.

Don't forget to save your configuration before leaving the page.

Event subscriptions configuration

You should see that the response of Mockbin is 200! 🎉

#Receive data on Mockbin

Go back to your Bin history, refresh it and let's see how the magic happens! You are going to be amazed by the first piece of data you just received. Click on details and tada 🎉

Mockbin test details

Now you can play with the API and update a product to receive the event in your Bin! If you don't know how to run an API call follow this guide: Your first tutorial.

If you're in a SaaS or a Flexibility environment, your server is correctly configured by us. 🚀 So it must be a permission problem!
If you are on an Enterprise Edition, you may want to take a look at your permissions. To do so, follow check out our What is an event subscription? page to find out more about the configuration.
If it's not a permission issue, you may want to make sure your server is able to send data. You can check by using a curl on the Bin URL from your server.
In the details of your Mockbin Bin, you will find the curl command you need to run!

Product created details