Quick start my first webhook

Compatible versions: v5 / v6 / v7/ SaaS

#👋 Welcome to this tutorial!

This tutorial will teach you:

How to connect a PIM event subscription to your own app


This is the very first tutorial to follow. At the end, you will:

  • be sure that the PIM is well configured to push data from PIM event subscriptions to your app. 📬
  • display event subscriptions data in the console of a Symfony app.


You have access to a SaaS or a 5.0 Akeneo PIM.
This can seem pretty obvious. But yes, you will need a PIM if you want to make it work, and the webhook feature is only available on 5.0 or SaaS platforms!

A well configured Connection.
To create a new connection, you can follow this tutorial The connection creation.

Event subscriptions are configured at your connection level.
Last, if your PIM is not already configured to send events, follow this documentation about What is an event subscription?. It explains how to setup the PIM and the connection.

That's it! 🎉